About Me

I’m supposed to wax lyrical about myself in here. But I’m a modest one so I wont.  How about a pic instead….



On the more serious side, I have a particular interest in the application of IT in business and in education.  I’m fascinated by how businesses have embraced technology to such an extent that the business world would collapse without it.  Technology in the education sector seems to be the opposite where it occupies a more supportive role.

Many educational institutions are reluntant to engage in and take advantage of the potential on offer to change and improve education.  Why?  Personally, I see a role for social media technologies in positively changing and enhancing education. So watch out for postings in that vein in here, along with some other ramblings that cross my mind.

  1. Hi,
    Sorry to contact you through a comment, but I didn’t see any other contact info.

    I have a website focused around helping students find technical schools (IT, computer science, etc.) and would love to be listed in your blogroll. I can offer to pay you on a monthly basis for listing my site. It can be a nice way for you to make a few extra bucks off you blog.

    Contact me if you’re interested…Thanks! Sean

  2. Dear Sean:

    I enjoy reading your blog, and was wondering if you would like to do a link exchange. My book blog’s url is educationanddeconstruction.com. Every week, I make a nonfiction book recommendation in the topic areas of education, history, technology, biography and/or humor. I have already put up your link. Please reply if you would like to do a link exchange. Thank you.


    Sally Friedman

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