How to cheat on a perfectly good puzzle

Don’t you just cringe at party-killers who just have to go and spoil all the fun.  Examples include the idiot who reads thrillers with the sole purpose of solving the whodunnit before the author reveals all and then tells you before you’ve read the book yourself, or the git who loudly ponders the plot of the movie and ruins it on everyone else.  Why can’t such people enjoy the suspense, the thrill, the edge-of-the-seat factor without having to ruin things on themselves and anyone around them.

Today we are told that some kill-joy has written an app that can solve the Soduko puzzle –  It is absolutely beyond me why anyone would waste perfectly good app-writing skills doing this.  It completely misses the point of the Soduko.  Where is the sense of satisfaction of completing the “hard” version, the wonderful cranking of brain cells working out placement possibilities when the computer can do it for you? It ruins the fun – killjoy!

Yes, I know. No-one is forcing me to use the app.  Yes, I can ask the plot-leaks person to be quiet.  But this doesn’t explain their behaviour,  I just don’t understand the kill-joy factor.

And that’s enough complaining for one day….  off to read the Hunt Report now!


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