You know the new term has started when….

  1. “Your mailbox is nearly full” warnings appear with increasing regularity
  2. Walking up / down a corridor takes longer than usual, particularly within five minutes of the top of the hour
  3. A trip to the library takes longer than usual (yes, I take my physical self to the library on occasion, not everything is electronic …. yet)
  4. Messages from the library asking you to return books you’ve had on loan all summer start arriving
  5. The decibel level in the local coffee shops noticeably increases
  6. There are lots of delightful “ohmygodhowareyouyourhairisgorgeoushowwasyoursummerhowwasnewyork…..” conversations to be heard among students
  7. The lift takes 100 seconds longer to arrive on your floor
  8. You find yourself wondering if the proportion of excited / bored / scared / nervous / ambitious first year students has changed from the previous year
  9. Entries and exit doors to every building acquire a haze of cigarette smoke
  10. You know (without looking at a calendar) the dates that every Monday falls on at least 3 months into the future

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