#fruitbatgate in public on the internet

I’d planned on writing something deep and intellectual this weekend….   but the education blogosphere seems to be dominated by fruitbatgate.

I don’t know the people involved, and even if I did I wouldn’t contribute my opinions.  Inevitably, there are always multiple sides to stories like these, sides that outsiders rarely see.

How on earth did such a sensitive matter that should be internal to an institution get so much coverage on the internet?  Welcome to the 21st century internetworked world. Whether they have the full facts of the case or not, members of the online community will have something to say. Here’s a sample:

And from the lecturer at the centre of the case:

Is it right that the internet has so much coverage of this?


Harassment cases always have something to offer in terms of learning about what is and is not acceptable behaviour. If people don’t know they are happening, then the learning opportunity is denied.

Sometimes, internal policies and procedures don’t work so well and it takes an outside airing to tidy them up.


This case has consequences for the careers of the people involved and UCC as an institution. Do they need this unravelling in public?

One party has come out and named himself, the other hasn’t.  There seems to be much online support for the self-named party and more of his side of the story is out there available for public scrutiny.

For good or bad, right or wrong, the story is now out there and it’s traveling. I agree with F Von Prondzynski: UCC need to say something, and say it soon.


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  1. Dylan Evans has 22years until retirement, his prospects at UCC, after his violation of confidentiality and bizarre web behavior, are Zero, as are his prospects at all academic institutions and firms that value loyalty and good judgment — world wide. North Korea may be the only choice.

    Also Dylan is facing massive legal bills that will have nothing to do with ” academic freedom ” but with ethics violations,libel and breach of contract.
    Luckily he appears to have no dependents as he is now on his own.
    He now has a negative brand which will plague him for ever.
    There was a similar case in the USA involving another decision scientist –Dr. Deborah Frisch, Formerly of the University of Arizona–http://debfrischtimeline.blogspot.com/

    It is a sad saga of a decision scientist who got intoxicated with the power of the web and ignored the fact that the web is personal, permanent, search-able, public and pervasive.

    There is an over abundance of Philosophy PhD’s in the market place who are younger, smarter and hungrier .

    N Korea may offer tenure– but then the life expectancy is short and it is very cold out there.

    Lessons learned?

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