Is the new iphone prototype theft a tad suspicious …

… or am I over-reacting?

Steve Jobs and Apple are notoriously protective of their gadgets.  All details are kept under very high security wraps until the management are ready to release them in a highly visible marketing event. This makes sense for an organisation that keeps itself so prominent in the computer gadgets business.

Why then would they allow a 20-something year old technician to take it out on the town?  Apparently, this technician took the phone to a bar, introduced it to some German beers and anyone else who might be interested. The beers were so popular the phone got left behind in the bar.  This just doesn’t fit with the Apple high security and protectivism.

The finder sold the phone to a Gizmodo web editor who promptly blogged about it.  Now, the heavy hands at Apple have managed to have a police search of the home of the Gizmodo editor in case he should commit a felony with this phone. It’s all very odd. The fact that the police search is illegal under California law only adds to the strangeness.

Is it all a big publicity stunt?

If it is, is it a good one?  Yes, it gets people taking about the phone. It gets a reputable web site to dissect, analyse and talk about the phone. On the other hand, the parameters are poor – having a young employee lose the phone on a drinking binge is a tad silly.

Maybe, Apple are human after all.  Like in every organisation on the planet, their high level security has a hole in it on occasion? Perhaps.


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