Daily Archives: January 15, 2010

Making viral look easy

Last week at the end of one of my classes, I overheard one student say to another “you have to see this, it’s the funniest yet”. I didn’t take any notice until they both fell about in uproarious giggles. Ok, enough, I had to share the fun.  Here’s the source of their mirth –

Go on……….. admit it …………… you laughed, didn’t you?

The stats on this video are amazing. In a week, it has 978.096 views, 2,221 ratings, 2,886 comments. That is impressive, to say the least. The buzz factor surrounding this is huge. Some organisations spend a fortune creating a buzz (think T-Mobile) and this just arises from nothing (in fairness, part of the attraction might be that RTE actually showed it). I find that fascinating.

Why do some things take off and others simply do not, despite having a low going for them?  Marketers everywhere wish they could figure this out, bottle it and sell it. I don’t the bottlers need to worry about a rush for their services just yet.