Intelligence – females vs. males

Which is the superior gender? Are we gals better than guys or do they have the edge on us in some regards?

These questions come to the fore every now and again in various guises. A grey / white brain matter example comes from Science Daily. SD also tell us that men and women handle stress differently, with different parts of the brain coming into play to handle the stress. Men are more likely to have physiological reaction, turning to drink. Women take a more psychological turn.

The debate about intelligence differences between the genders is more complex. On the one hand, is it merely another variation on the brain differences?  On the other hand, is there a nature /nurture debate?   Is the fact that females are catching up on males in terms of state exam results on the nature or the nurture side?  Will we ever know?

Here’s a fun game to add to the debate – You tell the program whether you’re male or female. Your incorrect and correct answers to the trivial pursuit questions are then used to make up the overall total for males and females. At the moment, the obviously superior of the species are ahead!

It’s not perfect. Online, no-one know you are a dog. If you lie and say you are the other gender the computer is not going to know. Nor do we get a break-down on the male / female scores for the categories.

It’s good fun, a nice way to while away an hour on a rainy saturday afternoon. It doesn’t tell you the correct answer to questions you answer incorrectly though. If you don’t know what the first usage of genetic fingerprinting was, you’ll have to google (or Bing) the answer. The same applies for deciding which sport is called the “sweet science”, or the record time for solving the Rubix Cube. There is a counter so you can’t cheat and Google / Bing mid-question.

Happy trivial pursuing.


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