A little PBL exercise

Problem-based learning is so popular and trendy it has its own acronym PBL. And why not? Anything that gets students wondering how something might have happened and how to solve it can only be a good idea.

Those folks at Samsung have embedded PBL into an interesting publicity feature for their new video/camera phone. Have a look through the first 40 seconds and then hit pause. Ask yourself how they did it.

Marking scheme as follows –

  • You didn’t stop and think and instead let the vid run to reveal the answer = 0 marks
  • You came up with a reasonable explanation but it wasn’t the correct one = 5 marks
  • You puzzled and puzzled for ages coming up with possibilities that you knew were more or less  infeasible = 3 marks
  • You puzzled for a little while then asked the person sitting beside you for the answer help = 3 marks (but only if you got the right answer, otherwise 0)
  • You pressed stop instead of pause on the vid and surfed elsewhere instead = -5 marks
  • You puzzled out the correct explanation = 10 marks

PS – if you don’t know what a cloaked Klingon Bird-Of-Prey is… you’re not nearly nerdy enough. I recommend going to see the new Star Trek movie. Ok, the Klingons don’t feature prominently in it but it’s definitely worth seeing.

PPS – once again thanks to Darragh Doyle for the vid link


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