Celebrating women in science and computing

I have blogged previously about the lack of female role models  in technology and science. Yes, it’s a male-dominated field but there have been and continue to be some notable female contributions to the field over the years.

Thanks to Karlin Lillington for the nod, you can now read all about them in “lab coats and lace“, a celebration of inspirational Irish women scientists and pioneers over the years.  Karlin’s description of  Kay McNulty has me sold. I’m booking my copy of the book as soon as I’ve hit ‘publish’ on this screen.

While we’re talking about female role models in computing and technology I need to mention that today is ‘Ada Lovelace’ day. Ada was known as Charles Babbage’s “Enchantress of Numbers” and apparently had more vision for Babbage’s machine (the mid-1800’s precursor to the modern computer) than did Babbage himself.

To celebrate Ada’s day, I’m off over to Ada’s page to show my support.


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