We are fond of our texting in this country

Comreg’s latest publication tells us we, in Ireland, are very fond of texting. Here are the stats –

  • We sent 2.8bn text messages in the last quarter of 2008.
  • An average of 174 texts were sent from every phone in the country, every month, from October to December of 2008.
  • The overall number of text messages has gone up by 70% since 2006

Ah, the humble text message – where would we be without it?

No, I’m being serious here. Recently, I got hit with a particularly virulent bout of flu accompanied by laryngitis (a rarity for me). The only way to get over the later is to shut up – literally! Text messaging saved my sanity. I made a serious contribution to the texting volumes while avoiding becoming a total hermit and saving my voice in the process. The mobile screen doesn’t hurt flu-strained eyes either.

I managed to keep it in check and not text-spam anyone. I also avoided sleep-texting. The later is a relatively new phenomenon. Apparently, stories are emerging of people who text in their sleep. They wake up the next morning with no recollection of having sent the texts. Sounds bizarre! Apparently, it’s got a simple explanation. If we woken up for less than 3 minutes or so and then fall back asleep, we could very easily have no recollection of the period spent awake. Even it only takes a minute to send a text it still seems strange to me that I wouldn’t remember sending it.


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