This type of business is not supposed to work

A significant feature of online business and marketing emphasises the need to interact with the customer, engage the customer, build a relationship with the customer. At the very very very least, don’t antagonise the customer unnecessarily. Yet Ryanair do so on a regular basis and somehow it doesn’t seem to matter.

The latest concerns the “lunatic” (the words of Ryanair) blogger who discovered a glitch in the Ryanair booking system. Read it here from the source. He got a hefty 400+ comments. The more in-your-face comments, however, came from Ryanair themselves. Read about it here and here.

I find it hard to believe that there can a single school of business anywhere promoting the direct labeling of a customer as an idiot, a liar, stupid, a bragger, having a pathetic life. Yet, Ryanair have done exactly this.

Even more bizarre is that this dreadful example of customer service isn’t likely to make one jot of difference. Customers will continue to flock to Ryanair’s planes, even if they no longer use the bathroom facilities (!). In a recession, cheap flights are a cheap price to pay for lack of courtesy.

Can you think of any other product, organisation or industry where this might work?


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