What is says in the papers

Here’s todays technology bit in the Irish Times –

Youtube is growing up. The headline says “Youtube pulls risqué videos to chase profits”. Interesting to see how this unfolds. While there’s a lot of rubbish on youtube, it’s got a lot of good stuff too. It’s an excellent example of  bottom-up user driven content. This growing up might cut out a lot of the rubbish, but it could also impose heavy handed admin on the user community – all in the name of looking good to bring in advertising revenue. I don’t think this is a good idea.

The Microsoft Yahoo buy out is on again. Apparently, it would take the might of both of them to take on Google.

On the subject of Google, their latest popular search terms log has been released. Of interest:

  • Bebo is the numero uno search term in Ireland.
  • You tube is in the top 10 twice (as youtube and you tube, and further down asutube).
  • Facebook is the fastest growing term – indicating interesting things for the bebo vs facebook competition.
  • A Polish social networking site is well up the list, proving that the country is still attractive to the Eastern Europeans whatever the economy.
  • The politicians list was topped by N Sarkozy with Bush (not Obama! He was only number 7) coming second. Mary Harney is the highest ranking Irish politician. Where’re Bertie and the Brians?
  • Co Donegal has the monopoly for the word ‘cheap’.

Christmas pressie gadgets – numero uno is Sony’s eBook Reader. Now, there’s a present I would love to indulge in (hint hint).  I held off on these for ages waiting for the products to settle down and so avoid compatibility problems. Looks like Sony are winning the game.

Interesting article from Danny O’Brien on British ISPs censoring parts of Wikipedia. Yes, in agreement with Danny, there’s internet content we all wish wasn’t there. But blocking sites or parts of sites is both a legal minefield and very difficult to implement properly. Censorship often backfires – drawing attention to the banned object.

Did I mention the Sony Book reader….

Sony Book Reader

Sony Book Reader


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