getting to grips with new fangled technology

The one thing we can all be sure of that things change. It’s the only certainty in life. Thing is, sometimes when things change we’re thrown. We see the new technique, method, object, concept, and struggle to make it work for us. Often, we look back on that struggles and wonder how the heck did we make such a song-and-dance about it.

This vid’s been viewed a whopping 1,300,000+ times on good ole youtube and there’s a reason why. It’s absolutely spot on at illustrating the wah! factor of getting to grips with something new.

Often, new stuff involves changing mindsets – which can be very challenging indeed. When a person gets so entrenched into an idea or a way of doing something it’s hard to change, even when the simplicity of the concept or skill is totally obvious to someone else.

In a hundred years time, will we look back at the start of the computer revolution and have similar skits about how difficult it was for non digital-natives to adjust to a computer world?


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