to shop or not to shop

IS it scaremongering or should we sit up and listen?

Deloitte loked at over 100 Irish websites and has found many of them to be lacking in adeuate security, leading to possibilities of fraud and identity theft.

Surveys lke these (another account here) emerge every now and again, and make headlines and freak out Joe and Josephine Soaps across the land. But what does it all mean?

  • 100 websites is not a lot. How many Irish-based websites are there out there selling products and services. How representative are the choosen 100+ of the entirety?
  • Just over half of these 100 had poor encryption for customer payment details. Would the average person recognise poor encryption and decide to take their custom elsewhere? Maybe they would, maybe they wouldn’t.
  • 90,000 people in Ireland have fallen victim to identity fraud. Yes, its a high figure, no argument there. How many were repeat cases? How exactly did they happen – customer carelessness or clever stunts by fraudsters?

The lesson – you walk into a shop and it doesnt feel right, would you use your credit card there? Probably not. The same should apply online. As etailers build up a reputation for themselves they attract more and more customers who feel they can be trusted. If you’ve never heard of the organisation, would you want to be their first customer? This is particularly so if their “terms & conditions” are hidden away in some obscure corner of the site and they dont have any obvious security measures in place.

It’s all common sense really, isn’t it?

Or is it a case of common sense not being very common?


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