Organisational culture is a slippery thing. It consists of unwritten rules and norms that employees have to absorb sub-consciously by osmosis. So how then do you teach it to students? You point them in the direction of Dilbert.


I’ve been a Dilbert fan for many years. Scott Adams seems to have the knack of putting his finger on exactly those little nuggets of wisdom, often politically / socially (and a whole host of otherwise) incorrect, that are not to be found in any textbook.


Take this one on Project Mgt. How many real-world projects does it represent? Is there a better way to get across the fact that project management is all about people management. It gets the point across very fast in a way that both informs and brings a smile.


Dilbert is required reading.


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  1. I took a Project Management class a few years ago and the teacher used to include (from time to time) Dilbert in her presentation…

  2. Ha, I knew I can’t be the only Dilbert appreciater out there in PM land. Well done for yur teacher

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