Talking about what generation

I came across an interesting item in Weblogg-ed about The Dumbest Generation – a review of Mark Bauerline’s take on how students are not benefiting from the digital world in any way that will make them more discerning, literate, analytical, knowledgeable, etc.

Here’s a copy of my comment –

I’ve been teaching IT in business for almost a dozen years and I believe that the students I see in front of me are getting more and more tech-literate every year. Yes, there are still those who need someone else to set up their Bebo page but they want that Bebo page. What is more interesting is what they do with these tech tools. Increasingly they are reaching outside of their classroom and immediate environment into the wider world, forming attachments with people and (in many cases worthwhile) causes that would be outside their reach if it wasn’t for their tech tools. In my view, to say that students of today aren’t enriched by web2.0 (or whatever you want to call it) is doing them a disservice. It is up to us the teachers and lecturers to reach out to the students “extra-curricular” digital activities and apply / tweak them to the classroom and learning outcomes for our courses. The kids aren’t dumb. If the course content that we want / need to teach them doesn’t grab their attention through traditional means, we need to tune into a toolset that they can relate to. Hello digital media, here we come.


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  1. I have to agree with you Charmed. While I believe technology is taking its toll on children’s use of the English language I do feel it’s benefits far out weigh its downfalls.

    I’ve used a variety of different computer programmes with children through work and find that interacting with computers can be more stimulating for children who find it particularly difficult to stay focused in class at times. It has also proved successful in centres for children with profound learning disabilities where steps are taken away from traditional teaching methods with the use of computers to help stimulate and support children’s learning.

    As with anything in life there needs to be a balance. I’m not sure Mr. Generation knows all that much about what he’s talking about.

  2. Yup, Slyscribe, the benefits outweight the disadvantages. Now if only there was a sure-fire way to convince the doubters?

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