Isnt it typical. Nothing for ages and then everything at once. A bit like Dublin Bus – you wait for ages for a bus and then 3 come together. Anyhow, here are the possibilities for this weekend –

  • I catch up on the work that if it doenst get done this saturday will cause major time crunches later
  • I go down to Limerick and partake and bask in the glow and excitement that is Munster in the Heineken cup final – big screen, lots of people milling around wearing red, mega excitement in the city, local pride oozing, etc
  • I go attend this – at the University. There’s mention of the excitement about mycosm, the blurring of virtual and real worlds (very curious as to what might be said here, I’m alway disappointed about the reality of such blurring. Maybe I watch too much Star Trek), location-based services (I posed an exam question on that this year), cyberpsychology (been fascinated by that for years – I find it really interesting how aspects of a person’s personality change online or are unconsciously adapted or dropped by a person’s online persona – explains why cyberdating can often fall apart when it moves from cyberspace to reality), how to make money in SL (dodgy territory indeed), etc.

So, what do I do? Possibilities –

  • I go to Limerick and get slagged royally for going to a conference (and potentially learn a lot) instead of the big-screen match
  • I go to Limerick and get caught up in red rugby fever
  • I dont go to Limerick and instead catch up on work so I’m not pulling my hair out in a couple of weeks when I wont have tome to look around me i.e. miss out on learning opportunity and red rugby fever

Answers on a virtual postcard to……


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